Finding the Perfect Planner

Time to be honest with all of you. I probably spend about the last 3 months of the year looking for the perfect planner for the upcoming year.  I like it to be a certain size and a certain style. (Disclaimer: I am OBSESSED with school/office supplies.) I also like having it early enough so I can spend time writing in the important dates and things like that.  The past couple of years, I have used a MayBook.  I love MayBooks because I was able to customize it and even put my own monogram on it!

For 2014, since I will be finishing up with school, I’ve decided to have a separate planner for school and for personal things, such as meetings and appointments.  For school, I’ve resorted to getting a large planner at Target.  This one has enough room in it for me to write all my assignments, and I’ll only be using it for 4 months, so I didn’t care about the size.

Like I said already, I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect planner.  Here are some of the planners I looked at.  Believe me, I looked at my share of planners, ranging from Lilly Pulitzer to Target and custom ones from Etsy.  I opted for the cute pink one from Target. It was simple and it fit perfectly in my purse.  It also came with an address book portion in the back and room for lots of little notes I could jot down.

The Perfect Planner

What are some of the planners you like to use? 

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