The Day After Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day. And not for the reason why most people love it (or hate it).  21 years ago on Valentine’s Day, I was adopted!! So it’s always been a special day.

Well, yesterday was definitely a day of surprises.  I didn’t have school yesterday due to our President’s Day break, and so I got to sleep in and relax and hang out with my roommates.  That evening, Shawn and I got to go out to dinner and it was full of little surprises.  A bag full of little bags of candy waiting for me with a giant white stuffed bear. A beautiful orchid (my FAVORITE kind of flowers) and after dinner, I didn’t realize that he was stalling, but we somehow ended up at the movie theater, and I finally got to see Frozen!

Oh my goodness. I absolutely LOVE the movie. (Yes, I know I’m late in seeing it…) And I’m sorry to anyone who has to be around me because that’s all I’m listening to. But this movie makes me want to make a snowman even more now.

This past month, all I’ve been saying is I want to go to the snow to make a snowman. And of course, one of the first songs is about making a snowman. It was just too perfect!


So since I’m behind the times, what are some other movies that I need to see? I seriously can’t believe that I waited this long to see it…


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