Spring Break

I’ve been on Spring Break this week, and I have enjoyed every single minute of it.  I’ve been able to relax, catch up on sleep, and catch up with old friends.  I will admit I have had to do some school work and other work, but at least I’ve been able to be home to do it all.

This past weekend was one busy weekend! My whole family ended up in Southern California for a family bridal shower! It was something that I have never experienced before.  It was an Armenian shower and it was so elegant and so much fun.  The Armenian culture very different compared to anything I have ver experienced. This bridal shower was beautiful with the most beautiful tiny details! They did a fabulous job at planning it.

Sharlina's Bridal Shower


This weekend I also began dog sitting for one of my relatives.  It’s been an interesting look into the future of me living alone following graduation.  At first I didn’t like it because it was way too quiet, but then I realized that it was actually very nice to be able to relax and do what I wanted to do.

Dog walk


Overall, it was a great spring break, but it is definitely hard for me to get back into the swing of school.

7 weeks until graduation!! Check back here later to see a little sneak peak to Graduation!

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