Condo: Mini Office Area

This is a very long overdue post, seeing how I’ve been living in my condo in Pasadena for over two months now! However, I finally am starting to get things the way that I like them.  First thing I’m sharing with you, is my mini office area.  Since I don’t exactly have a desk, I’m making due with what I have.  But I’ve also come to realize that I don’t exactly want a full on desk in my room since I want my room to feel like a room; not a dorm room or something like that.


This is my little office area that I’ve set up on top of my storage bookshelf.  I got this at Target for a really great price! I got 4 storage bins that fit perfectly in this bookshelf.  I love this because I can organize things so easily.  Within the storage bins, I am able to store things that don’t exactly look nice just thrown in a shelf.  It’s nice to throw little things like tape, a stapler, cosmetic bags, and little notepads away where they’re organized, but it’s not a mess to see.  I also love using the decorative bins to add color in my book shelf.  I keep all of my thank you notes/greeting cards tucked away in a box and I love that my scarves are all organized in one place too!


As you can see, the top of this book shelf is more of my office area.  I got acrylic desk top accessories at Target, also for a great price!  I got 2 stackable paper organizers to store my important papers that I need to have easy access too.  I also got a file folder bin to store my important files about school and other miscellaneous things like that. Decked out with cute file folders, of course!  I wasn’t sure how I was going to store some of the smaller things, but luckily I was able to find a mail sorter that had a place for pens as well, also acrylic.

Lastly, I have my Personal Home Management Binder (look for a post coming tomorrow!), a binder with all of my AT&T bills, my binder with my lesson plans for Sunday School, and of course, my Vera Bradley planner.  I really like having everything in one small place where I can easily find everything.  I like when everything has its own place!


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