10 Things I Learned in College (Non-Academic)

Choir Camp Dinner Freshman Year - August 2010
Choir Camp Dinner Freshman Year – August 2010

1. Get involved in a group(s) on campus.

2. Make friends in different circles.  Having friends in different circles turned out to be something that I really liked.  It was nice to make friends with people you probably thought you’d never be friends with.  Whether it’s ‘class friends’, neighbors, club friends, etc., it’s nice to have a variety of people to hang out with.

3. It’s okay to be lonely.  Being an only child, I really enjoyed it when I was with friends.  However, once I started college, I realized how easy it was for me to feel lonely.  Even though there were lots of people around, I found that it was easy to feel alone.  However, that was the time when I really became the person that I wanted to be.  Now, I really enjoy my “Karissa Time”.

4. Don’t get into a relationship your Freshman year.  Freshman year is the time to meet lots of people and make friends.  Wait a year before getting into a relationship.  Because you don’t want to get into a relationship, break up, and then lose friends or find out you don’t have any friends because you were so focused on your relationship.

5. Take time for yourself.  Everyone needs to take time for themselves.  Take time to do what you need to do for yourself.  Even if that means saying “no” to going out with friends.

6. Walk places.  Let me be real here. I can be really lazy sometimes. Okay, a lot of the time.  But one thing that I did really enjoy doing (that was until I got a car) was walking places.  I loved the few extra minutes outside in the fresh air (or the not so fresh air that we have here in Southern California).  Most of all, I loved the conversations I had with people as we walked to class or lunch or wherever.

7. Stop eating at a certain time.  One thing that I really regret doing during college, especially my Freshman year, was eating late.  Because I was required to have so many meals my first year, I would go out to eat at one of the on-campus restaurants called “The Den” at 11 PM.  And I’m pretty sure those french fries and the pizza were the reason why I gained the “Freshman 15”.  That, or the fact that I just didn’t exercise.

8. Go to bed early.  Forget staying up until 2 AM, or trying to pull an all-nighter.  Go to bed early. You will feel so much better the next morning.  My goal on school nights was to always get ready for bed around 11 PM and to be asleep by midnight.  I would always watch one episode of a TV show before falling asleep.  But I always felt so much better when I went to bed early.

9. Get up early.  Part of going to bed early resulted in me getting up earlier.  I loved taking 8 AM classes, because it got me up and it really helped me to start my day.  Otherwise, I’m pretty sure I would end up spending the whole morning in bed wasting my day away.  On the weekends, I always tried to wake up at 9 or before.  I loved that time because all my roommates were asleep, so in a way, I kind of had the apartment to myself.  I was able to get lots done; laundry, cleaning, homework, etc.  I was able to get things done earlier in the day so I could enjoy my afternoon/evening.

10. It’s okay to not be okay.  I’m the kind of person who doesn’t show my emotions.  However, I’ve slowly learned that with my close friends, it’s okay for me to show that I’m not okay.  Because friends are there to support one another and it’s okay to not be okay.

Choir Camp Dinner Senior Year – August 2014

Let me know if you think I’m leaving anything out from my list!

P.S. Caitlin and Heidi are in both pictures with me!

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