Today is the day that my youngest cousin (on my mom’s side) is going off to college!  She’s heading out to Boston, and I could not be prouder of her.  She’s gone through a lot already at such a young age, but she always has a positive attitude no matter what the circumstance is.

On Monday, my cousin Jodie and I were able to go out to breakfast with her before she left.  We went out to Bruxie’s and it was nice to be able to just sit and talk with one another. I honestly can not remember the last time it was just the 3 of us together.  We’ve always been close; probably because the three of us are girls and we’re the closest in age with one another.


Jodie and I had the Smoked Salmon Sandwich and Sherry had the Turkey Club. Get this. Everything at Bruxie is served on a waffle!  If you’ve ever been to Bruxie’s, what do you recommend I try next?

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 11.28.43 PM
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