American Idol Summer Tour Concert

One fun thing about living in Pasadena, is there is always something fun to do within a 25 mile radius.  My friend Stephanie was able to get some complementary tickets through her work for the American Idol Summer Tour Concert that came to Los Angeles last night.  Now let me honest for a second; I didn’t know American Idol was still going on. Well, that is until she texted me asking if Shawn and I wanted to go.

It was a fun evening though. It was nice to hang out with everyone, not on a weekend!  For the most part, I liked the songs they picked.  The only downside was that the stage lights were so bright for the small little stage and I’m pretty sure everyone was slightly blinded by them.  (For a few songs, I ended up putting my sunglasses on so I could still enjoy the performance without my eyes hurting.)  Something funny that we all observed was that there was definitely a generation gap.  The majority of the people at the concert were older adults.  And my guess is that more or less, the people that still watch American Idol are older.  But overall it was fun!





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