My Morning Routine

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I love routine. Schedules are my best friends. I like knowing what I have going on during a day and I like to have an ongoing list of things that just need to get done.  Since I decided to take this summer off of school, I had to establish my own routine for the time being.  I could’ve easily slept in really late, but I actually have learned to enjoy my mornings and I find I’m more productive when I wake up earlier.  I’ve also learned that if I don’t step food outside of my condo in the morning, I could honestly go all day without going outside.

I like to run my errands in the morning and have my meetings with friends in the afternoon/evening.  On certain days when I do have to work, it’ll vary from either afternoon or morning.  Depending on if I do have meetings, I work backwards to figure out when I need to get up.

Here’s my morning schedule I more or less keep to on my busiest of days!

6:30 AM – Wake Up, Make Bed, & Turn on Computer & Pandora

6:40 AM – Shower

6:50 AM – Pick out Outfit & Get Dressed

7:00 AM – Open up Condo (Open windows, turn on lights, etc.)

7:05 AM – Check Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, etc.) & check email while hair air dries a little bit

7:15 AM – Get ready (hair, make up, etc.)

7:30 AM – Grab a small bite to eat

7:35 AM – Heading down to garage to drive to work/appointment (this could include meeting with a friend or family member, or starting my errands!)

I know my schedule will end up changing once school starts in a couple of weeks, but that will just mean everything will just get shifted a little bit here and there. What’s your daily routine?

One thought on “My Morning Routine

  1. Hey Honey, I like your favorite verse on your computer screen, but got to say, I don’t see that part in your routine! That’s probably the most important part!! Think about adding Quiet Time somewhere!! Love you, Dad

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