Turning Complaining into Thankfulness


So often I find myself complaining either to myself or whoever I’m talking to at that moment, whether through texting or in person.  “Why is _____ doing _____ wrong?” and “Why can’t _______ just do _______ for me?”.  And of course, the list goes on and on. And I know that I could go on and on. And I am 100% completely guilty of complaining. A LOT.  It’s so easy for us to just quickly (or not so quickly) voice our opinions, which are often complaints.  And I’ve noticed the more I complain, the more I end up being negative about more things and more people.  And then I’m unhappy. And the cycle just continues.

This morning (Note: I’m not waiting to post this at midnight because I think this is an important post!), I did my normal morning routine, kind of, and as I was doing my computer time, I checked out Relevant Magazine, which I usually do at least once during the day.  The article at the top of the page was Complaining Is a Spiritual Problem.  This article was completely calling my name to read it. So I did. And oh my goodness.  The article talked about how we turn complaining into our own little world of negativity, rather than being grateful for what we actually have.  Why complain about having to do laundry and clean the house, when you should really be grateful for having clothes to wash and a home to actually clean (and keep clean too!).

I really encourage you all to read the article and comment and let me know your thoughts!  I love hearing your thoughts and love having conversations about topics like this!


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