Organizing Your Desk

Organizing Your Desk

One thing that I’ve learned over time is that a clean desk is very important!  During college, I would always try to keep a clean desk, but of course it never stayed that way.  Somehow I ended up with about 4 pairs of shoes under the desk, with piles of books, loose papers, and multiple sweaters thrown on top of my desk.  Now that I finally have a desk in my room, I’ve been making sure that it stays cleaned up.

I’ve decided to only have a few pens at my desk so it doesn’t look too mix-matched.  Post-its have become my best friend (again!), and cute little not pads too.  I like that everything on my desk has a clear place and I can find everything easily.  My planner is where I can easily check something and my to-do list is right where I can cross things off of it.

Confession: I have a bin in my bookshelf full of stationary and little note pads!

I love seeing other peoples desks (a.k.a. spending time on Pinterest looking at Home Decor) so take a picture of your desk and share it with me!

P.S. Check out this Instagram photo! I think Heidi and I are a little too obsessed with Apple Products.  Also a weird realization, all my Apple things are white and all of hers are black.

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