Condo Sneak Peak

The past couple of days, Heidi and I have been busy decorating our condo. We have made numerous trips to TJ Maxx, Ross, and Target to get little things here and there.  We’ve also made numerous trips back to those stores to return half, if not everything we’ve gotten.  For instance, yesterday we bought pillows. A few here and there at each store.  Today and tomorrow I will be going back to all of those stores to return all of those pillows.  It’s funny. You go to the store with this Pinterest image in your mind and then you get things that you think will work.  However, when you get home and put it out, you just look at it and say to yourself “What were you thinking?!”.

So we decided to try figuring out the couches and we’re just going to make pillow cases and buy cheap pillows with the money from all the returns.  We’re thinking we’ll save at least half the money.

So last night, I decided to start fixing our bookshelves.  Believe me when I tell you this: THEY WERE A DISASTER.  We had movies thrown in on one shelf, games on another, and all our old textbooks and binders, with papers falling out of them thrown in the other shelves.  But, we got that all taken care of.  And I absolutely LOVE what we did with it.  Just looking at the wall now makes me feel happy instead of thinking that we just have to do something with it… eventually.

Please note: I am only showing you half of the bookshelf.  Once the whole living room is completed, you will get full photos of everything! And I am so excited to show you those!!  These are also very unedited photos.  I took these probably around midnight last night on my iPhone.


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