Fall in LA…

…consists of a massive heatwave. Within the LA area, apart from the beach, it was ranging from about 108 degrees to 115 degrees.  If you don’t believe me, here’s a picture I took of my car yesterday.


As I was driving yesterday afternoon, I had the A/C on full blast, and it wasn’t even making a difference!  So while the rest of the world is gearing up for fall by wearing their cute boots and sweaters, here I am, with everyone else in the Southern California area, still in sun dresses and trying to avoid going outside.  I know most people would rather be in the situation that we’re in down here, but when it’s been like summer since March, and you only really get fall weather (we don’t get anything CLOSE to winter – the coldest it gets down here is maybe low 50’s?) from November – February.  The hardest part for me is making sure that I am drinking enough water!

I’ve been in situations where I get completely dehydrated and I almost pass out. Actually, I have once, while I was in Lake Tahoe with my family on a vacation.  Luckily, my shaved ice I was holding was completely saved and I could still eat it. Clearly, my priorities is my food.

Anyway, I am currently looking for suggestions of how to keep cool during this heatwave! Luckily it looks like it’ll cool down by the end of the week. Feel free to leave a comment here or one on my Facebook Page!

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