Starbucks Sundays


Lilly & Starbucks
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Sundays are by far the busiest day of my week, but the most enjoyable.  Sunday mornings are started off with going to church in the morning.  I am currently attending a ‘sister church’ of my home church from San Jose.  On my way to church in the morning, I swing by APU and pick up one of my friends who is currently a Freshman there. I love our drives to church because it’s our chance to visit and catch up with one another.

Following church in the morning, I grab a small lunch and head down to Ontario (where Shawn’s family lives), after dropping my friend off at APU.  The afternoon is usually very relaxing, consisting of watching TV.  Usually, it’s a mix of the Dodgers (I’m NOT a Dodgers fan at all. I’d like to make that VERY clear. from the beginning.) or some random movie that’s on.

Later that evening, well I guess late afternoon, Shawn and I head over to the Starbucks that’s around the corner of the house. My current favorite Starbucks drink: Venti Passion Lemonade Ice Tea Sweetened with Light Ice.  (Confession: I’ve had a Starbucks Gold Card for the past 4 years.) And off to “The Hub” (his church’s Sunday night family service) we go.  This service is fun for us, because we’re Sunday School teachers for the elementary school kids, and occasionally preschool too!

Okay, so you know how I mentioned very clearly, that I am NOT a Dodgers fan?! Well, I will say that I am definitely a GIANTS fan. (Yes, this can cause tension between Shawn and I sometimes…) Well, I’m so excited for my plans for tonight. I’m not going to let anything leak yet, but stay tuned for tomorrow’s post! And if you want a sneak peak, make sure to follow me on Instagram!

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