White After Labor Day

It’s the first week of fall, and although it started cooling off this past weekend, it began heating up again during the week.  100 degrees yesterday! Since my friend David Cano came and visited me, I asked him if he would mind taking a few photos of me for my blog.  David is an amazing photographer and even did my graduation photos.  (He’s also done a few other photo related things for me too!) So, if you live in the area and need photos done, you should definitely contact him through his Facebook page.

I’ve always been that person who doesn’t really wear white after labor day, however due to the fact that it’s 100 degrees outside, and I only get to do laundry every 2 weeks (thank you coin operated laundry machines in my building.) I’ve started forgetting about the white after labor day rule.  With the white that I am wearing though, I am pairing it with more fall related pieces.

White After Labor Day 2

White After Labor Day 1

White After Labor Day 3

Top (similar) / Bottoms (similar) / Shoes / Watch / Handbag (similar)

Photos by DAmericano Photography

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