Morro Bay

A week ago from today, at 4:00 AM, my friends Katie, Jasmin, and Jaylene all headed out to Morro Bay, where Katie’s family had just gotten a beach house.  It was pretty rainy that morning when we were driving up, but when we got there, the view was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Just being able to smell fresh air and get out of the city was so relaxing for us all, especially after a long week of midterms and everything that goes along with that.

We got in around 7:30 AM and decided after a cup of coffee for some, and hot chocolate for others, we would shower and get ready and head out to explore!  As we drove into Downtown Morro Bay, we saw a double rainbow!  It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen.  We stopped at a little cafe called The Coffee Pot and their food was quite good. I had pancakes and sausage, and everyone else got eggs of some sort.


After breakfast, we decided to head back for a nap.  Before we could do that, we had to of course, set up our make-shift couch in the TV room so we could fall asleep while watching The Holiday.  I had never seen the movie before and it was a cute movie. Of course, I fell asleep before it was over.  But luckily Katie caught me up.


So after a nap, and plenty of snacks, we walked outside to see this beautiful clear sky! The beach after it rains is amazing.


We headed to Avila Beach and wandered around, and of course got our ice cream.



We ended the evening with Mac n’ Cheese, garlic bread, salad, and grapes and pears while watching the sunset.


The next morning, we all woke up, cleaned up the house, and headed home. But, not without a few spontaneous adventures.  We stopped in Pismo to get some Clam Chowder from The Splash Cafe.


And, we also stopped in Solvang for a little detour as well.


Overall, it was a wonderful, much needed, girls weekend. And I can not wait for more adventures to come.  Believe me- we have a few good ones in the works!


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