Children With Hair Loss


One thing that I have always wanted to do was donate my hair.  However, every time I’ve tried to grow it out, it gets to that awkward length and I cut it.  However, this year was the first time I was really able to stick with it and grow it out.  It took me 11 months to do it, but I’m so glad I did.  When you mention donating your hair, most people automatically think of Locks Of Love.  Now I’m not saying anything negative about them, however, Locks of Love requires a minimum of 10 inches.  That led me to Children With Hair Loss.  Children With Hair Loss only requires a minimum of 8 inches, which was perfect for me.  I was able to donate my hair sooner and also have a good length left to have a little a-line bob.  This was something easy that I could do while still being able to help someone else out!

via Instagram
via Instagram


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