Countdown to Thanksgiving

I am so ready to get home for Thanksgiving break. This week feels as if it’s been a month. And I’m not even exaggerating! Between school, work, and getting decorations prepared for a baby shower this weekend, I’m ready to just be home and sit.

I love living on my own. I feel as if I’m a mini adult. I only say mini because I’m not completely on my own- yet. I’m learning how to budget money for groceries, gas, cleaning supplies, and now bills. I’m responsible for my own mess. If the kitchen sink is dirty, I don’t have anyone to blame that on. I honestly think I make more of a mess now that I’m living alone, or my mess is just telling me it’s been a crazy past couple of weeks. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to do it starting in January, when I take on a second part time job working for Arcadia Unified. I’m excited, but also realizing that I definitely will have to nail down a routine and get my priorities all set.

All this to say, I’m ready for the holidays to be here. I love being surrounded by my family and good foods. I love creating fun memories, sharing old memories, and being in the moment. Tuesday I will be on the plane going home for a week, and I could not be anymore excited!

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