Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  I don’t know how all of your weeks were, but mine was definitely a crazy one. In the midst of trying to get back into the swing of my normal schedule after Thanksgiving, it seemed like everything that had to get done, was just piling up.  Things that normally aren’t in my regular schedule were coming up.  When I have a busy week, I tend to “freak out” a little bit.  The many lists start to be made, but somehow it always gets done.  This week, I happened to get sick with a really bad sore throat and a really bad cough.  It kind of threw me off, but I still had to get everything done.  The only thing that helped me to get through it all was knowing that starting on Friday morning, my weekend would begin, and I would get to see my whole family, again!  Everyone is coming from Northern California and most of my family that lives in Southern California will all be together.  We are going to be going to APU’s annual Celebrate Christmas concert.  Seriously, if you live in the area, you really should go see it.  I had participated in it every year while in choir during my undergrad life, and it was one of the highlights that my family has, that really got us in the holiday season.  This year, though I’m not participating in the concert, we will all be there and I’ll actually get to enjoy watching it.  I’m so excited to see my friends perform!  But enough of this rambling, because I know that you’re all waiting to just see what things I have to share with you this week!

I love mashups, and I absolutely love DJ Earworm’s Mashup at the end of every year.  He did such a great job taking all of the top songs and mashing them together.

The other day, I was helping Shawn out with one of his school projects where we had to take a quiz to find out what type of learner we are.  Some of the options are visual, kinesthetic, aural, reading, etc.  I always love taking little quizzes like this to learn more about myself.  It turns out that I am a visual and kinesthetic learner.  Take this quiz to find out what kind of learner you are!

To piggyback off of that least share, there was also this emotional intelligence quiz that I took.  This quiz told us how we handle things emotionally.  The questions that they asked me were actually pretty spot on, and their analysis of me based off my quiz results, was also spot on.  Scary how quizzes like that can tell you so much about yourself!

One of my favorite shows is Boy Meets World.  And yes, I will completely admit that I do watch Girl Meets World. Even if it’s on Disney Channel.  And it’s made for tweens.  But, on Girl Meets World, they’re having a Cory and Shawn reunion! Enjoy this little BuzzFeed post and the video clip in the post! I can not wait to watch this episode!

via BuzzFeed

Now I know I already posted a top songs of 2014 video already, but this one is definitely different than the DJ Earworm mash up.  This is by Us the Duo and I love how they’ve put the songs together. I honestly forgot that some of the songs were even top songs in 2014!

Hope you all have a good weekend! And don’t forget to keep in touch through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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