Hello 2015

I know, I’m 9 days late. But I do have good reasoning as to why I’ve been away from the blogging world the past few weeks.  I intentionally did take a little time off of blogging while I was home for Christmas break.  And I was intending to get back to blogging when I got back.  However, after a 9 hour drive back to Southern California on Sunday (I dropped friends off at UCSB, UCLA, and Shawn off at his house) I was just feeling a tad big overwhelmed.  I came home to a new roommate, a new job, and a lot of loose ends that just needed to get tied up before the “new year” began.

I started my second job this week, and I love it! It’s challenging, but I enjoy it and it’s definitely rewarding and keeps me on my toes.  2015 will definitely be a very busy year, but I’m ready for it.  I love being “on-the-go” and having lots of things to do!  So enough talking, because now I want to get to sharing some of my favorite photos from my Christmas break!



I love spending Christmas with my family in Monterey! I think I’ve said it before, but we have our tradition of going to the Marriott Buffett in Monterey every Christmas morning.  We were trying to count how many years we’ve been doing this, and I think we’re definitely past 25 years.



Shawn came up north after New Year’s for a few days and on one of the days we got to go to San Francisco.  We went to Chinatown, drove by the Full House house, Mrs. Doubtfire house, the Painted Ladies, and we got to see the Golden Gate Bridge.


What are some of the fun things you did over the holiday break?

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