5 Strategies for Being Productive


There are many ways to stay productive, and for small business owners, the use of Kabbage is great way to stay productive. Kabbage helps small business owners stay productive by providing them with revolving lines of credit which they can use for any part of their business.

Being a Type-A person, there are many different tools I use in order to stay productive. Occasionally I will change up my routine to try out something else. However, there are 5 things in which I will never change from my strategy or trying to be productive.

1. Use a calendar
This goes beyond just hanging one on the wall and occasionally glancing at it. I personally use multiple calendars. I do have one hanging up on my wall by my desk, and that gives me a glance at the whole month of the major things happening, so I can plan out my weeks. I then have a normal planner which helps me determine what I’m going to do on specific days. That helps me to remember when I have appointments and when certain days bills are due. Lastly, I use a day-to-day planner which has each day broken down my hour. This helps me to plan out my day, between my work schedule, errands that need to be taken care of, as well as other appointments.

2. Make a list
I LOVE making lists. And I don’t mean just for my “to do” list. I make a list of who gives me what gifts for my birthday and for Christmas, things I need to buy the next time I’m at a specific store, things that need to get done around my house, etc. I love using the list note pads, and occasionally I can find some cute ones that are used for specific things at TJ Maxx or Ross for a real good bargain. Lists help me to feel accomplished and they also help to keep me on track of everything that needs to get done. It also feels really good to be able to cross off something on my list once it’s completed.

3. Goals
I’m all about setting goals. And I think a lot of that comes with the territory of being a planner. I think small goals are just as important as large goals. If you don’t have any goals, it’s hard to know what you’re working towards. Setting daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals gives you an idea of where you’re heading.

4. Social Media Boundaries
This one I’d definitely the toughest thing for me to follow through with. When I’m on my computer, I always have Facebook open, with my phone by my side. I will admit though that I’ve been better about social media and have turned off all notifications on my phone. It’s amazing how much time social media can take up. I’ve worked at keeping my social media boundaries to a minimum by only being on my phone on social media when I’m in between appointments.

5. Time Yourself
This is a tip that I picked up in college, and it definitely helped to motivate me. When studying, or now when trying to get work done, I put a timer on for about 30-45 minutes. Once the timer goes off, I allow myself 10-15 minutes of free time to either check my phone, grab a snack, or watch a little bit of whatever show I’m currently binge watching.

I would love to hear about some of the tips you use to be productive, so feel free to comment back!

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