Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  For me, this week has definitely been a different one to say the least.  On top of it being a 4-day work week, my days have been extremely long.  It was definitely nice to relax on Monday and cut down on my never ending to do list, however once Tuesday rolled around, everything just started rolling.  I ended up spending some time at the ER on Tuesday morning with a friend, having a very busy week at work (It always seems like 3-day weekends throw everyone off!), and trying to just get my normal stuff done too.  However, this weekend is looking promising so far to being a very relaxing weekend.

Anyway, onto some of my favorite things I stumbled upon this past week!

1. Christian Businesses – I knew some of the businesses listed were Christian companies, such as In-and-Out and Forever 21.  However, I always think it’s fun to find out!


2.  Toddler Learns Baby Sister Was Born, Then This Happens – This video is hilarious!  Being an only child, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a sibling.  I love watching fun videos of kids, and this one definitely makes the top 5!

3. Couple Leaves A Note for A Man When They Realize He’s Out On a Date That’s Not With His Wife – I thought this little article was really sweet.  It’s nice when people can do nice things for others, anonymously.  I think it’s nice to acknowledge when you see something good happening instead of disregarding it.


4. The ONE Thing You Must Do In Each U.S. State – One day, my friend Katie and I want to do a massive road trip where we hit every state in the U.S., with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska.  I love finding out new facts about other states and so this was a fun article to come across as this road trip has been on our minds, despite the fact that it’ll take at least a couple years to plan it!


5. And Baseball Season Begins! – Every year I’m getting more and more into baseball. Maybe it’s because the Giants have been on a winning streak.  Maybe it’s because Shawn is so into the Dodgers and well, as a SF Giants fan, I don’t like the Dodgers.  Or maybe it’s because I enjoy all my family group emails we all have about the Giants.  Either way, Wednesday they all reported to Spring Training which means it’s time to start looking for tickets to Giant/Dodger games!


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