Happy Friday

So I know I’m a little late at posting my “Happy Friday” post, but in my defense, it has been quite a crazy week.  (Normally I write my posts ahead of time and just schedule them to post automatically at midnight.)  This past week has been a crazy one at work, to say the least, and I’ve also been trying to get lots of things done on my end with errands, cleaning, etc., since I’m going home this weekend!  (Confession: I ended up doing 6 loads of laundry on Wednesday- sheets and towels included.)

I’m going home this weekend since my uncle in starting his new position at the church in Monterey!  It’ll definitely be nice for him as well as the rest of my family to have him up north.  They’ll be able to see each other more and everything.  Today, Shawn and I are driving up north after we get off work.  I’m hoping it’s not too long of a drive, but since we are leaving at prime LA traffic time on a Friday, I better pack a few extra snacks.

This week I’ve compiled a list of articles about food.  Easy recipes, things to eat, etc., so I hope you enjoy checking them out as much as I did!  I definitely can’t wait to eat some of them.

1. 17 Easy Dinners Everyone Should Have in Their Arsenal – It even comes with links to all of the recipes! Yum.


2. 23 Delicious Los Angeles Eats That Are Worth Every Penny – I’ve eaten at a few of the places on this list, and some of them are actually on my own “Pasadena” linked at the top of my blog.  Those King Taco tacos though… Mmmm. 🙂


3. 23 French Fries You Need To Eat Before You Die – Okay, those garlic fries from San Francisco?  I must go find those the next time I’m in the city.


4. 31 Microwave Recipes That Are Borderline Genius – Where were these recipes when I was living in the dorms?  Some of my favorite treats are on this list.  Looks like I’ll be making a trip to the grocery store soon…


Is anyone else hungry after looking at the pictures and scrolling through the articles? I think it’s time for me to go find a snack… Let me know what some of your favorite recipes are, because I’m always looking for something new to cook or bake!  Have a good weekend everyone!

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