Weekend Recap

This past weekend just flew by!  But even though it was super busy, I still had a wonderful time visiting with family and enjoying the special day.

Friday, Shawn and I took off after work and started our 5 and a half hour drive to San Jose (Northern California).  Thankfully, even though it looked like we were about to drive into a storm, we didn’t.  And it even turns out that we completely missed the storm down in Southern California!  We got in late Friday night and met my parents for dinner.

The following morning, we got to sleep in.  Well, sleep in for me is sleeping until 8 AM.  So Saturday, we REALLY got to sleep in.  My alarm didn’t go off until about 8:30, maybe even later.  We went to breakfast at one of my families favorite restaurants and then headed down to Monterey for the day.  We had busy day getting things done, but the day ended with a nice BBQ dinner with my whole family at my uncle’s house.

via Instagram
via Instagram

Sunday was a special day.  We celebrated my uncle’s first day at the church in Monterey.  (He recently moved up to Monterey from Southern California.)  It was so wonderful to see so many people come up from his previous churches that he was the pastor at, to support him at his new church.  There’s something about having a family AND a church family to support you in those things.

Shawn and I left right after lunch on Sunday to drive back down to Southern California, where we hit all the rain storms, and we even caught a little snow up on the Grapevine.  (For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “the Grapevine”, it’s a windy mountain that keeps Central California and Southern California separate, and when it starts to snow, they close it down.)  Luckily, we got through the Grapevine safely.

via Instagram
via Instagram

It was a quick weekend trip, but it was so nice to take a mini vacation.  I definitely woke up this morning confused though, at the fact that it was Monday again.  But here we go… onto another week!

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