I LOVE books. Oh how I miss being able to wander in a bookstore for hours. I’m making myself start reading again.  There used to be a time when I couldn’t put a book down, and my parents would have to take it away from me so I would get other things done.  After reading multiple studies, and many people telling me that looking at a screen is bad as I fall asleep, I’ve been trying to read a chapter or four of a book before falling asleep.  And I definitely sleep better, which proves that I need to stop watching Netflix as I fall asleep.

From the time I was little, it always seemed that I was getting books as gifts. Currently, I have no more room for any books (Confession: Majority of my books are picture books – but it’s okay, because I’m going to be a teacher, right?) since my make shift bookshelf is completely full and is slightly tipping over (Note to self: Find a cheap, but good bookshelf).

I am currently looking for book suggestions, so if you have a great book that you’re currently reading, or you just finished reading, let me know!! I’m currently reading Yes Please by Amy Phoeler, and I do have a few books that are in my pile to read once I’m finished with my current book.  I love all types of books, for the most part.  So leave a comment and who knows… maybe it’ll be chosen for “Book of the Week” once I start that up again!

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