Packing Tips

Today I am flying home to visit my parents! (Make sure to follow along on Instagram and SnapChat (username: khoshiwara) for updates while I’m out and about!) I haven’t been home since Christmas break, so I’m quite excited to go home and spend time with them. We get to talk on the phone multiple times a week, plus emails and texting, but it’s not the same. Typically, I’ve been using my Vera Bradley duffle, but last time I flew home, they made me check it because it was too bulky. I didn’t like that I had to check it, so I then went on a hunt for a small carryon sized rolling suitcase. Thankfully I head out buying one for awhile because I definitely as able to save some money! Target had some cute ones, which were on sale, which were then marked down about 3 or 4 times. Waiting definitely pays off! Plus coupons on top of that…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been an over packer. But I have definitely slowly changed and began planning my outfits, rather than throwing in a bunch of clothes I didn’t know if I would wear. So I’ve decided to share just a few tips that I’ve began using over the past couple years with all of you!


1) Check the weather – Nothing is worse than thinking it’ll be hot weather, and it turns out to be really cold.  Know where you’re going!  You can always layer up, but you can never layer down.

2) Pick a “tone” – This will help to make sure you’re packing the least amount of things when it comes to matching jackets and shoes.  This also allows to see what things you can wear more than once.  For example, if you want to go with all browns, make sure to pick clothes that go with your “brown” shoes.  That way you’re not bringing both brown toned things AND black toned things.

3) Lay everything out – I love to lay everything out on my bed.  Clothing first, with everything I’ll need for the outfit.  Once I have that all set, I start with the shoes.  I pick a pair of shoes and see how many outfits I can wear it with. Hopefully, it comes down to only needing a few pair of shoes.  (Sandals, tennis shoes, and flats or boots if it’s in the winter.)

4) Pack everything strategically – I start with the last days outfit, and work my way to the first day.  I pile everything on top of one another, just in the way that I laid it out.  That way each morning, I can just pull out a small stack and know that’s my clothes for the day.  I don’t have to pull something out from the bottom of my suitcase on the first day, then leaving a giant mess in my suitcase for the rest of my vacation.

5) Extras – Make sure you pack extra underwear, your toiletries (those little cosmetic bags are a lifesaver) and anything else you might need!  That’s what I use all those little pockets on my suitcase for.  And I always make sure to have a large garbage bag for all my laundry.  That way, every night I can throw my laundry into the bag, and by the end of the vacation, all I have in my suitcase is my toiletries, shoes, and a giant bag of laundry to do when I get home!

I hope these tips help you, just like they’ve helped me.  And if you have any other tips that you use, I’d love to hear about them!

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