10 by 2016

Life has been crazy.  I’m now fully back into the swing of being back at work, I’m doing a couple online classes, and I’ve also been busy serving at my church.  Thankfully, a few weeks ago my friends Katie, Jasmin, and I were able to take a little escape up to Morro Bay.  We escaped the 100+ degree weather and we were able to just enjoy each others company.

via Instagram
via Instagram

Katie and I hang out a lot. And this past year we’ve been saying that we want to do certain things that are on our bucket list, but we never actually have done any of those things… yet.  Last night Katie came over (She also taught me how to check the oil on my car! Another story, for another day.) and we finally decided to start progressing on our bucket list.  We decided they need to be fun yet attainable goals, and something that we actually want to do.  Also things that won’t break the bank.  So I’ve decided to share with you the 10 things we’ve decided to do before the year is up.  Since our schedules are so busy, we even put everything in our calendar to make sure we actually do it!  Groupon and Living Social are definitely going to be our friends in the next few months.

  1. Horseback Riding
  2. LACMA Lights at Night (we’re going next Friday night!)
  3. Run a 5K (We’re doing this separately, but we’re both registered for one already.)
  4. Sound of Music Musical
  5. Yoga Class
  6. Legit (as Katie would say) Massage
  7. Hilary Duff Movie Marathon
  8. Cooking Class
  9. Hot Air Balloon Ride ($10 in Orange County!)
  10. Hockey Game (We’ll be going to a minor league ice hockey game.)

As we complete these things, I’ll make sure to update this post as well as to do a post on as many things we do do!  Feeling like you want to start crossing things off your bucket list? Make a 10 by 2016 list and let us know about it in our comments so I can share your list on my blog as well!

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