10 by 2016: LACMA

About a week and a half ago (wow am I behind on everything!) Katie and I crossed the first thing off our 10 by 2016 list! We went to go visit the LACMA lights at night.  We figured this would be something fun to do because we both hadn’t done it yet, but it was also something that was easily accessible.  We started the afternoon off in good LA fashion, by sitting in lots to traffic.  But the lights were beautiful, and we even got a little history  lesson about the restored lamp posts.  Of course, we ended the evening off by going to The Grove to get some Sprinkles cupcakes.  Definitely our little guilty pleasure.

If you’re ever in LA, it’s definitely something fun to do, or if you even live here, and just want to go on a little adventure!  They had a live band playing so lots of people had brought their lawn chairs to relax on a beautiful Friday night and listen to music.

via Instagram
via Instagram

Up next on our 10 by 2016 list?  The Sound of Music! By far, my favorite musical ever, so I am so excited to go see it!

Click here to learn more about our 10 by 2016 list!

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