San Clemente

I am DEFINITELY counting down the days until my next break from work.  Which happens to be in over a month, at Thanksgiving.  But I can not wait to go home.  For whatever reason, this week has felt like a month… and it’s only Wednesday.  However, this past weekend was perfectly timed, because I was feeling like I needed a vacation.

Shawn and I headed down to San Clemente this past weekend to hang out with his parents for the weekend.  They had rented a condo for their anniversary and invited him and all his brothers down for the weekend.  Shawn and I went down a few days early since we had the a day off of work.  Shawn had the chance to go golfing with his dad, uncle, and grandpa, and I got the chance to relax at the beach with his mom and his grandma.  Despite the VERY hot weather, we had a good time.

via Instagram
via Instagram

Saturday, his brothers all came down and they decided to have a family baseball game.  Baseball is the one thing that they can all agree on.  But something I definitely do not agree on since I am NOT a Dodgers fan. Surprisingly, it went pretty well, and the game was close. Unfortunately I was not on the winning team, but in our defense, we did have one less player than the other team.

We had a delicious dinner out on the pier and we got to enjoy the sunset!

via Instagram
via Instagram


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