The Holiday Season

As much as I love the holidays, it can become really stressful. Whether you’re finishing up everything to close out your semester, running from holiday party to holiday party, counting down the days until Winter Break, or just about to pull your hair out because work is so stressful, the holidays are still wonderful.


My favorite part about the holidays is picking out special gifts for the ones I love, spending extra time with friends and family, and of course being reminded of how blessed I am.

The other day I was talking with some of my coworkers and we were saying how it’s so nice to be blessed enough to answer “I don’t want/need anything for Christmas”.

For me, spending time with friends and family is enough. I absolutely love it, mostly because my love language is quality time. But all my favorite memories from anything is always when I’m with people just having a good time sitting around a table full of delicious food just talking and laughing.

This year the holiday season started off by celebrating my 23rd birthday with friends, followed by going to Azusa Pacific University’s Celebrate Christmas Concert. Though I had been in it all 4 years of my undergrad career, I’ve still been going back since to see friends and enjoy the performance. Since this was the 6th year of me being there, I feel like it would be weird to not kick off the holidays without it!

With holiday parties again this weekend, and me trying to tie up loose ends before I fly home next weekend, I’m reminding myself to not loose thought of what this season is really about.

Despite how busy you all may be, I encourage you to take time out of your busy day and write down everything that you are thankful for and who has blessed you over this past year. And remember what the real reason for this season is all about!

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