Weekend Recap

I hope you all had a great weekend!  My weekend was so fun and busy that it made getting up for work early this Monday morning very difficult.

This past weekend, Shawn and I took Friday off of work and headed up north to visit my parents for the weekend. We were joined by two of our dear friends, Stephanie and Victor.  We got into San Jose late Thursday night and ended up being able to squeeze in a quick visit with one of Shawn and Victor’s high school friends who had recently moved to San Jose.

Friday morning we spent some time helping my dad on a project outside in the yard. The weather was beautiful! The leaves were starting to change color and really made me feel like fall was finally arriving.  That afternoon, as Victor and Stephanie headed up into the city to go to their own events, my parents, uncle, Shawn and I also headed up into San Francisco to go to the Giants vs. Dodger game! What a fun game that was. If you’re into baseball or follow me along in SnapChat (follow along: khoshiwara), you’ll know that it was a very exciting game. And the Giants won that night, and even swept the Dodgers, which made it all the more better.



Saturday Shawn and I spent the day with family in Carmel.  My aunt recently redid her back patio and added in a BBQ area. All the details from the shells in the concrete counter top to the little cooper pieces. It really made me wish that I lived in a home where I could do fun things like that rather than an apartment style condo.  But that day will come soon!


While we were in Carmel for dinner, I popped into this adorable little shop Clementine & Co. The shop was adorable and it was a good thing I didn’t have my wallet with me, otherwise I would’ve bought everything in the store!




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