Simple Fall Outfit

Is it just me, or is it harder to get out of bed the colder it gets? I know it’s really not that cold here in Pasadena in comparison to other parts of the country, or the world even. But for me being a girl who has lived in Southern California for the past 6 going on 7 years, anything below 70 degrees is cold.

That being said, coming up with a warm but cute outfit (and also affordable!) while you’re running late because you keep pressing snooze is can be overwhelming when you just don’t have the time to throw something together. So I thought I’d share with you one of my easy go-to outfits when I press snooze one too many times and I have to leave for work as the sun is rising.


Scarf (similar) / Top (similar) / Sweater (similar) / Pants / Boots (similar) / Sunglasses (similar)


Photos taken by Jodie Arumi.  Side note: Jodie did end up taking a ton of photos, however her subject – a.k.a. me, was being a punk and did not do a good enough job participating, meaning I was either making some weird face or doing something weird. So enjoy these blooper photos.



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