Weekend Recap

Hope you all had a good weekend! This past weekend was especially nice because I had a 3-day weekend! It was wonderful to just turn of the alarm on Thursday night and I ended up sleeping in until 9 AM. I can not honestly remember the last time I slept in past 8. So it was a definite surprise.  (I definitely need to get better at taking photos of the things we do. So please disregard the fact that all my photos are from Snapchat. )

I decided to go visit my friend Stephanie at work for a little lunch date. We ended up going to a little place called Bibigo! It was so good and I was also super hungry, that I ended up finishing my whole meal before Stephanie was even done with half of her bowl. Opps!


Saturday I had a “best neighbor date” with my friend Michelle! We went to get dim sum for brunch because I had been craving it for weeks. We also treated our self to a little pedicure!


Sunday of course was filled with more eating. Cathren and I went to get sushi and then have a girl’s day. Something that we haven’t done in a very long time! Of course, followed by me doing 5 loads of laundry to get ready for the upcoming week and for Rachel to move in this week!

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