Weekend Recap


This past weekend was a mix of crazy and also a good amount of down time! Since I’m off of work at 1 PM everyday (one of the best perks about my job!) and a bunch of my friends either had the day off of they too were off early, we decided to head over to the pumpkin patch! Shawn told me I looked like a little 9 year old girl running around the pumpkin patch for the first time just because I was so excited to finally be doing something that had to do with fall. Here in Southern California, we’re a little mixed up about our seasons. Summer somehow starts in May and extends itself through October.

After going to the pumpkin patch, I met up with my friend Katie for dinner at a really good Thai restaurant right down the street from me (check out some of my other favorites over here on my Pasadena, CA page).


It was great to catch up on life over some delicious Pad Thai and discuss what true joy really meant to us. (Thank you Grace not Perfection for starting that conversation!)

*via Instagram
*via Instagram

Sunday afternoon, Shawn and I headed out to his grandma’s house for a family dinner. It was very rainy but the sky was absolutely beautiful! I’m definitely embracing this weather as it comes in small chunks.


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