Happy Friday

This week was definitely a crazier week that most, so I am definitely glad it’s the weekend. Though I won’t be able to lay around relaxing, I am excited for what this weekend holds. It should be a fun but busy weekend! This week, Rachel and I decided to figure out what direction we wanted to go with our condo in terms of decorating. I moved into the condo right out of college and it started as old college dorm/apartment and met Fischer Price this past year. Well now I’m trying to get it to where it’s a comfy home but also age appropriate! We decided to do a mix of a few different themes… I’ve decided to call it “Girly Country Chic”. We figured that this may be one of the last times we can use pink and girly things to decorate a home. Once we’re married all of that will be out the window!

I’ve decided to share with you 3 of our top places to look for inspiration and some of the items we ended up getting or are planning on getting! If you’ve stumbled upon anything that you think would go along with what we’re looking for, make sure to comment on this post and share it with us. We could totally use all the help we can get!

  1. Target – We’ve taken a look at inspiration portions of the Target website (luxury & glam, farmhouse, and shabby chic) and gotten some great ideas. Here’s a few of our favorite pieces we’ve seen. Rachel is really into the little stool.

    (1) Threshold Raccoon Faux Fur Accent Stool / (2) Small Mercury Glass Trophy Lamp Base / (3) End Table White

  2. IKEA – I honestly forget about IKEA sometimes. But whenever I go, it does not disappoint. We found some great smaller items (that had a great price!) that have definitely helped to start tying everything together.

    (1) ROTERA Lantern for tealight / (2) CHAMAECYPARIS Potted Plant / (3) BILD Poster

  3. Michael’s – Time to get some DIY in! With a little Pinterest searching and a little patience, you can literally create anything you want. And that’s what we’re doing. I had a ton of little mini chalk boards (as well as 2 larger ones hanging on the walls) so we decided to write little phrases or words that match the season we’re in.

    (1) Wooden Parenthesis Chalkboard Easel / (2) Water Hyacinth Storage Tray with Liner / (3) Leaf Table Bowl


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