Weekend Recap

The weekend started off with me taking the day off because I was home sick in bed, but I’m so glad I was able to take the time to rest up so I could feel 100% today.

Since it was a beautiful day on Saturday, Shawn decided to drag me out of the condo to get some fresh air. We met up with one of our favorite couples, and went hiking through Griffith Park. Shawn had recently learned how to take pictures on my dads film 33mm camera, and so he wanted to go take some pictures. I can’t wait to see how they turned out. But here’s a few I snapped on my phone. If you follow me on Snap Chat (username: khoshiwara), I’m sure you saw we did a little “off trailing” at some points. And though I was freaking out half the time, it was totally worth it.

Sometimes it’s so easy to forget how beautiful Los Angeles actually is because you’re stuck in the hustle and bustle and all the TRAFFIC.

via Instagram


Sunday, Shawn and I headed up to Apple Valley to see his brother and his family! I always love going up there because I get to hang out with his precious niece and nephew. Seriously- check my Instagram or Snapchat. Your heart will melt!

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