My Favorite Rainy Day Essentials

We have been having so much rain lately! Well, at least for Southern California. And though so many of my friends are just over the rain, I’m loving it. Everything is so green and beautiful and there’s just something about getting a big comfy blanket and watching good movie on Netflix. But unfortunately, I can’t do that all day long because I have to go to work, so I decided to share with you all some of my favorite rainy day essentials!

(1) Fuzzy Socks – Cute socks that keep your feet nice and warm. Need I say any more? / (2) Bubble Umbrella – There’s something fun about having a big cute umbrella. Though it may be a pain to store it, at least you’ll be well protected. / (3) North Face Rain Jacket – I absolutely love North Face. And their ran jacket is no exception. It comes in adorable colors (loving this one right now!), and if you wear a women’s small, you can even get away with a kids XL! / (4) Hunter Rain Boots – Though they’re pricy, you can usually find them at a really great deal if you just look around! I’ll be honest- I spent about two years looking around for a color I really liked and a price I felt okay paying.

What are some of your rainy day essentials?


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