How I Met Shawn


So for those of you who follow me along on Snapchat or Instagram, you’ll know that Shawn and I have been engaged for a little over a week now! I was totally surprised and had no idea he was proposing the weekend we went up north to Monterey to visit all my family. But I’ll get into how he proposed in another post. For now, I just wanted to share how I ended up meeting Shawn.

Back in 2012 (our sophomore year of college), I walked into my apartment and met Shawn. He was there hanging out with my roommate and a few of our other friends. My first impression of him: “WOW he’s tall!”.

Around February, our apartment building did an event called GYRAD (Get Your Roommate A Date), so of course instead of setting my roommate up on a blind date, I just asked her who she’d want me to set her up with. After a lot of thought, she decided to pick Shawn since she didn’t know him all that well and thought he’d be a fun date to run around Downtown Disney with. So that was my mission- somehow figuring out how to run into this guy named Shawn to ask him to go on this GYRAD date with my roommate. Well, I accomplished my task. I ran into him while he was skateboarding around campus, asked him to go with my roommate on GYRAD, and he said yes. Phew, my job was done!

Well fast forward to after GYRAD, and I ask my roommate how it went. The first thing that came out of her mouth was, “It was cool, but I think he’s a better match for you.” Me: “Uhm… what?” I hardly knew who this guy was! Plus, I wasn’t even looking for a “guy” at the time.

Let me side track a little bit here. While at APU, I was a part of the Bel Canto Women’s Choir, which was one of the ministry choirs on campus. Within our choir we had Discipleship groups (small groups), devotions in choir, and had many “heart-to-hearts”. This was the time when the book “When God Writes Your Love Story” by Eric and Leslie Ludy was the “IT” thing on campus. #ChristianSchool. I’m pretty sure everyone in choir ended up reading the book and we were all into it. A large group of us had decided to allow God to take the “love/dating” part of our life and let Him control it, rather than us trying to control it. I figured that when God had that right guy for me, He would make it very clear. All I knew is I wanted to marry someone who was 1, a strong Christian, 2, was taller than me (not that hard to do at 5’4″), and 3, someone who had a shorter last name than me. Okay, I know number 3 is kind of a silly one, but you try fitting “Karissa Hoshiwara” on those tiny little signature lines!

So anyway, back to my story. I just brushed it off and told my roommate “Haha, yeah? We’ll just have to see.”

Does God have a sense of humor or what!? All of a sudden, Shawn started popping up everywhere! I saw him all the time around campus, he was always hanging out with my roommate and her friends, and of course, during this time I was struggling in my physics class. The only person I knew at the time that actually understood physics was of course, Shawn. So I asked my roommate to ask Shawn if he would be willing to tutor me in physics. (So typical, right? Like in a movie or something?)

I guess God knew all along who would become my future husband. He answered every one of my requests on my list. Shawn is a strong Christian who is always reminding me to be more Christ-like every single day, and I love that we get to serve alongside one another every Sunday at the church we attend (Purpose Church Pomona) where we’re the Special Needs Sunday School Coordinators. He’s SUPER tall. I’ll never need a kitchen stool again with him being 14 inches taller than me. And lastly, his last name is 3 letters shorter than Hoshiwara! The only two things I still have to work on with him, is getting him to become a San Francisco Giants fan and a Golden State Warriors fan. But I’ve got a whole life time to work on that!

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