Travel Guide: San Jose del Cabo

Life is just crazy. Between trying to look for a new job and beginning the whole wedding planning process, I have not been able to keep up with ANYTHING. So this is definitely a very overdue post that I’ve been wanting to share with you since we got back from Mexico! And this is my warning to you now: this is a very photo heavy post.


If you’ve been following along on Snapchat or Instagram, you know that I’ve been a little busy but thanks to Spring Break, I was able to take a week off and go to San Jose del Cabo with Shawn and my parents! We had such a great time and aside from a little hiccup in the very beginning of our trip, it all went extremely smoothly. I’m convinced I gained about 10 pounds on the trip just from eating all the good food.

I’ve put together a little tour guide as to what we did and where we stayed. I’m planning on going into a little more detail about some things we did in other posts, so stay tuned!

Travel: We took a Southwest flight from LAX to Cabo. I absolutely love flying with Southwest because not only are they all friendly, but you can check luggage for free! And I’m an over packer, so that’s definitely a huge perk for me. Also, it was only a 2 hour flight, and both ways we got to our destination at least 30 minutes early!

Hotel: We stayed at the Cabo Azul resort, per recommendation of my mom’s friend! The staff was so friendly and helpful! The grounds were also so beautiful and well kept. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the hotel room decor (I wish I had taken a photo to share with you all!) but other than that, it was so comfortable.

Food: We ended up eating the majority at the hotel, but we did venture out to a few other places! The two restaurants at the hotel, Javier’s and Flor de Noche, were absolutely delicious. One night we even got a giant red snapper from Javier’s for dinner!  The tacos and sushi were so good at Flor de Noche, especially when you’re eating it in the poolside bar, IN the pool! But if you want to venture outside the hotel, you HAVE to try this little restaurant called El Fish & Grill. Their battered fish tacos… to die for!

Things to Do: We went through the hotel concierge and they referred us to their recommended companies to go through for various activities. We went through Cabo Adventures to go whale watching and another recommended company to go horse back riding! Seriously, if you’re on a vacation, go through the concierge. They are so helpful and they really know what they’re doing. Especially when you’re in another country.

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