How We Met (According to Shawn)

Alright, one last little treat for you for the time being! This post is written by Shawn about his perspective of how we met! I’ve also included a few pictures from when we first began dating to share with you all! Hard to believe it was almost 5 years ago that we started dating this week!

If you’re expecting a fairy tale story, you are not going to get one. The evening I met Karissa was strange. I was sitting in an apartment with a friend. The bedroom door opens and out came a girl, who I later learned was named Karissa. She was wearing a blue onesie with pandas all over it. As she was walking past us, I couldn’t help but stare. Not for the reason you might think, but because this 19 year old girl was wearing a onesie. She then disappeared into the kitchen. What follows next, is my favorite part of the story. As I visited with my friend (Karissa’s roommate), the savory aroma of bacon filled the apartment.

After about 5 minutes, I was hungry. Karissa had finished cooking in the kitchen and all I could think about was how much I wanted bacon. Karissa proceeded to march out of the kitchen with the biggest plate of bacon I had ever seen in my life. I was staring again. This reason was different; this 19 year old girl, in a blue panda onesie, was carrying a plate full of bacon. I was staring because I wanted the bacon! This time, Karissa caught me staring. She paused, looked at me, and said, “Don’t judge me!”. And she continued her march back into her bedroom.

It wasn’t until a month later that I became interested in Karissa. After all, my first impression was of this weirdo who liked bacon and wore onesies. During that time, Karissa and I connected on a mutual interest: food. After all, we already had one thing in common, we both loved bacon. Over several meals, we bonded.In case you haven’t caught on, FOOD is a major theme in our relationship.

More importantly, we hope that Christ is a more noticeable theme in our relationship. The thing that attracted me to Karissa the most was witnessing her relationship with the LORD. I watched her as she served and worshipped in Bel Canto, her women’s choir at church. As Karissa and I committed into a relationship with each other five years ago, we also committed our relationship to the LORD. We vowed that we will always try to make everything in our relationship honorable to Him. As five years have passed, we have made mistakes, but this commitment is still very important to us!

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