Fall Outfit Inspiration

I’m all about the changing of season! Unfortunately, here in Southern California our weather ranges from HOT to cold-ish. Though really cold for us is anything less than 70 degrees. I’ve been searching through Pinterest all weekend looking for appropriate fall outfits for us who are blessed enough to have beautiful weather for the majority of the year. I’ve decided to share the ones that I would definitely try to replicate since they’re definitely outfits I could manage to wear at work. I’ve also shared links to find similar items to what’s shown in these photos.







I’m back!

Life is finally slowing down. I have finally gotten into a good rhythm at work and a good weekly schedule. I’ve also managed to get a majority of the wedding planning done too! So I’ve decided it’s time to get back into my blog.

A little update as to what to expect coming up, not only am I planning my own wedding, but I’m helping to plan another wedding as well! A few weeks ago while at Disneyland, Shawn’s brother proposed to his girlfriend! On top of 2 different weddings, we have a bunch of fun events coming up as well as many travel plans. I’m so excited for everything to come together so I can share everything with you!

I’m always looking for ideas for content, so please help me out by commenting about posts you’d like to see!

Happy Friday: Life Update

Somehow I cannot keep up with everything going on lately! There’s just too much going on at the moment. But I absolutely love it! So I figured a major update was due, so this post is going to be rather scattered. But since it’s been so long, I figured this was a good way to catch up on everything, and then start with a new clean slate!

Work: Since I last posted (which was in May – major fail on my end), I finished out the school year at Arcadia and began a new job right away being a Special Education Adult Transition teacher! I am absolutely loving it! It’s definitely a switch from my old job, but change is good. And I figure, why not change my job while everything else is changing!

Wedding: Everything is slowly coming together for the wedding. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like the wedding is happening because I’m not sitting down and pounding out a wedding. We have so much time before the actual day of the wedding, that I’m just keeping busy with work and life and when my roommate Rachel tells me I need to get some planning done, I sit down and do some. Between Pinterest and my family, I have a lot of help for ideas and actual help, but planning a wedding is still a ton of work! But at least I said “YES TO THE DRESS!” More on that another day…

Life: Life as I’m sure you can tell, is just plan ‘ol busy. And I honestly feel bad that if my friends don’t live within a 1 mile radius, I honestly have the hardest time keeping in touch with them. And it’s horrible! I used to be so good at keeping in touch with friends, but somehow (especially in the summer) our year has been so insane, that I’ve been having to schedule time to hang out with people MONTHS in advanced! But I also guess that that is just life. I definitely do want to be more intentional with my friendships though.

Blogging: I have so much I do want to share with you all so I am hoping that as I am working on getting used to my new schedule, I will be able to spend more time blogging!

Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone! It seems like the weeks just keep zipping on by. This weekend I’m going to my friend’s Katie’s graduation and it’s definitely weird since 3 years ago that was me! Anyway, this week I’ve decided to share with you some of my favorite recipes that have come up on Facebook lately. I just love watching the cooking videos. It seems like they’re so easy since they all whip up those meals in just a minute or two!

1. Slow Cooker BBQ ribs

2. Homemade Sourdough Bread

3. Unicorn Ice Cream

4. Tornado Zucchini 

5. Sprinkles Cookies