Custom Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

How are we practically into May already? The weeks seem to be zipping by way too quickly for me. I’m very into custom items and shopping on etsy lately, so I’ve decided to share with you my favorite custom Mother’s Day gift ideas!

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(1) Land’s End Natural Canvas Tote – This is probably one of my most favorite custom gifts I love to give! Not only is it totally customizable from the color to the monogram option, but it is a totally practical gift to give. It’s perfect for the person who has everything and it’s also perfect for the person who you don’t know what to get for them. Everyone can always use a tote bag, and it’s made with such good quality. I have a couple myself!

(2) Family Name Wood Sign – I think this is something so adorable that could be hanging in someones home. It’s so simple yet it’s also so meaningful and adds that personal touch. I honestly thought about getting this for Shawn’s mom for her birthday, however that list would’ve been way too long and taken up way too much space!

(3) Skinny Vertical Bar Necklace – I think this is something that is so sweet and simple. You can literally get this gift for anyone. Even the person who does’t wear jewelry. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t wear any jewelry!

(4) Family Tree Necklace – Last year, Shawn and I went in on a gift with Ryan and Cathren (Shawn’s older brother and his family) to get this for his mom for Mother’s Day. Except instead of the leaves, we got the initials of all 7 of her boys on little birds!

(5) Family Tree Gift – This is something I just absolutely love! We ended up getting this for Shawn’s Mom’s birthday gift this past year. We were able to pick the color scheme and she managed to fit EVERYONE onto the tree. And I also love that we can keep updating the tree as the family grows bigger!