Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone! It seems like the weeks just keep zipping on by. This weekend I’m going to my friend’s Katie’s graduation and it’s definitely weird since 3 years ago that was me! Anyway, this week I’ve decided to share with you some of my favorite recipes that have come up on Facebook lately. I just love watching the cooking videos. It seems like they’re so easy since they all whip up those meals in just a minute or two!

1. Slow Cooker BBQ ribs

2. Homemade Sourdough Bread

3. Unicorn Ice Cream

4. Tornado Zucchini 

5. Sprinkles Cookies

5 New Healthy Habits

This summer, Shawn and I are trying to start new healthy habits. We’re hoping that by implementing these new healthy habits during the summer when we have a little more time, we’ll be able to carry them into the regular school year!


1. Drink more water – We have completely given up drinking soda! We used to drink soda all the time. Whenever we were out, whenever we were home… you get the idea. We can still drink juice, but we’re really trying our hardest not to. We’ve been doing this for a few days already, and I can already feel a difference in how I feel!

2. Having better posture – I used to have amazing posture, just because I grew up playing piano. Once I went to college, I began slouching over my computer at my desk, lying on my bed watching Netflix, and well now I have back problems because of having bad posture and a mix of other things. I always fine myself having to readjust, especially at work while sitting in little kid chairs!

3. Exercise – I definitely have been doing a lot more exercise, especially at work since I’m on my feet all day. Plus, chasing after a one year old also has its advantage when it comes to exercising. During summer school, I’ll be in the pool all day helping kids with swimming lessons so I can at least count on that. But come time for summer school to be over, I’m definitely going to have to work on getting outside more, even if it means going for a walk around the neighborhood.

4. Sleep – Okay, we all are saying that we need more sleep. But it’s true! I keep reading all these articles about how much sleep kids are supposed to be getting, but what about adults! We have crazy busy lives; working, running errands, just surviving! How can we do all that if we’re not getting enough sleep? I’m trying to lessen my screen time, especially before going to bed. Last year I was so good about reading for a little bit before falling asleep, and I definitely slept better. This summer, I’m going to try to do the same thing. It definitely helps that I have a huge pile of books that I’ve been meaning to read, but just haven’t had the time to do!

5. Eat healthier foods – I eat pretty healthy on a regular basis. I love my fruits and veggies. I always have well proportioned meals. It’s my snacking that always gets to me. Having chips around, or cookies, or popcorn! Now I’m not saying snacking isn’t good, but I’m also saying it isn’t bad. Sometimes you just need a little afternoon snack to keep you going. But I find myself snacking at 10 at night, when I really should just be going to bed instead of looking for something to eat because “I’m bored!”.

Let me know if you have any tips for making sure your new healthy habits are getting implemented. Also, does anyone have any good healthy recipes? I’m always looking for something new to cook up for dinner!