Graduation Dresses

In the next 2 weeks, I have 2 graduations to attend! With graduation season quickly approaching, I decided to share some of my favorite graduation dresses I’ve found! These dresses can work if you’re the graduate who needs a last minute outfit or as someone who is just attending a friends graduation.

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(1) Satin Strip Fit & Flare / (2) Pleated Fit & Flare / (3) BCBGeneration Fit & Flare / (4) Printed Maxi Dress / (5) Natural Fit & Flare / (6) Print Faux Wrap Dress / (7) Crepe Shift Dress / (8) Blouson Chiffon Skater Dress / (9) Dee Elly Lace Skater Dress / (10) Soprano Floral Blouson Midi Dress

Happy Friday

This week was definitely a crazier week that most, so I am definitely glad it’s the weekend. Though I won’t be able to lay around relaxing, I am excited for what this weekend holds. It should be a fun but busy weekend! This week, Rachel and I decided to figure out what direction we wanted to go with our condo in terms of decorating. I moved into the condo right out of college and it started as old college dorm/apartment and met Fischer Price this past year. Well now I’m trying to get it to where it’s a comfy home but also age appropriate! We decided to do a mix of a few different themes… I’ve decided to call it “Girly Country Chic”. We figured that this may be one of the last times we can use pink and girly things to decorate a home. Once we’re married all of that will be out the window!

I’ve decided to share with you 3 of our top places to look for inspiration and some of the items we ended up getting or are planning on getting! If you’ve stumbled upon anything that you think would go along with what we’re looking for, make sure to comment on this post and share it with us. We could totally use all the help we can get!

  1. Target – We’ve taken a look at inspiration portions of the Target website (luxury & glam, farmhouse, and shabby chic) and gotten some great ideas. Here’s a few of our favorite pieces we’ve seen. Rachel is really into the little stool.

    (1) Threshold Raccoon Faux Fur Accent Stool / (2) Small Mercury Glass Trophy Lamp Base / (3) End Table White

  2. IKEA – I honestly forget about IKEA sometimes. But whenever I go, it does not disappoint. We found some great smaller items (that had a great price!) that have definitely helped to start tying everything together.

    (1) ROTERA Lantern for tealight / (2) CHAMAECYPARIS Potted Plant / (3) BILD Poster

  3. Michael’s – Time to get some DIY in! With a little Pinterest searching and a little patience, you can literally create anything you want. And that’s what we’re doing. I had a ton of little mini chalk boards (as well as 2 larger ones hanging on the walls) so we decided to write little phrases or words that match the season we’re in.

    (1) Wooden Parenthesis Chalkboard Easel / (2) Water Hyacinth Storage Tray with Liner / (3) Leaf Table Bowl


My Favorite [Flat] Sandals for Summer

The weather here in Southern California has been so strange the past month or so.  Typically, its pretty hot– in the past during this time, it’s been in the 90’s or 100’s by the beginning of June.  However, for some reason it’s been fairly chilly.  It was even sprinkling today!  Though I must say, it is nice to have the rain, especially with California being in the huge drought.  With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of my absolute favorite [flat] sandals for summer!  I’ll do a post about my favorite [heeled] sandals for summer a little later.

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(1) Rainbow Sandals Single Layer (in eXpresso) / (2) Gizeh Toffee Birko-Flor / (3) Lakitia Embellished Sandals / (4) Jack Rogers Georgica Jelly Sandal / (5) Jack Rogers Palm Beach Navajo Sandal

One-Piece/Tankini Swim Suits

With the school year ending, I am definitely ready for summer!  Although the school year may be over in just 2 weeks, I’m gearing up for summer school.  With that in mind, I’m in search for a few one-piece/tankini swim suits since we’ll be doing swim lessons every day!  Here’s some of my favorite’s I’ve come across so far.  Let me know if you have any secret places you buy swim suits.  I’m looking for a cute, purposeful, yet reasonably priced one.

(1) Women’s Dot-Print Tankini / (2) Kenneth Cole Reaction Paisley Smocked Tankini / (3) Island Escape Summer Walk Tiered Tankini / (4) Hulu Honey Embroidered Ruffle-Hem / (5) Becca Side-Cutout / (6) Kenneth Cole One-Shoulder Floral-Trim

Favorite Apps

I love Apple products. And what I love most about the Apple products, is I get to sync all my different apps between my iPhone, iPad, and computer. So I thought I would share my “Top 5”  apps with you!


Instagram – I love taking photos and somehow creating cute little squares of my life and things I love.  I have some friends who are great Instagrammers (Like, their job is to Intsagram… and I also have friends who just have that eye to see amazing things).  Though I’m not the best Instagrammer, I still have fun editing the photos.  (P.S. Make sure to follow me on Instagram!)

ShopKick – I did a post about ShopKick about a month ago.  But seriously, it’s the easiest app to use and get money for using it.  If you’re going into Target, just open the app, and you get points! After you accumulate a bunch of points, you can cash them out for a gift card. I’m currently holding out for a $500 Target gift card. I have a ways to go…

Pinterest – Okay, I totally have an obsession with Pinterest.  Over Thanksgiving break, I even had a 30 minute conversation with my aunts about Pinterest.  It’s so fun to look for new recipes, ideas, craft ideas… the world of Pinterest is endless!

FitBit – So those health trackers have become VERY popular, but they’re also expensive. Did you know if you have an iPhone 5 or higher, you can use the FitBit app WITHOUT having to buy the FitBit? Granted it doesn’t track anything except for steps for the most part, and you do have to carry your phone with you to get the steps tracked.  But still, it is pretty cool to see how many steps you’ve taken in a day.  Well, more or less.

Target Cartwheel – Target is probably in my Top 5 stores.  Then again, I don’t know anyone who DOESN’T like Target.  Anyway, I’m all about those sales and saving money.  If you don’t have this app, this is a MUST HAVE app.  You can save extra money with this app.  Even if it’s only 5%, it’s still 5% that you’re saving. And if you stack that with their normal Target app, and your Target Red Card, you’re golden to save a few dollars. Every penny counts, right?

What are your favorite apps? I’m always looking for new ones to try out!

**This post was written on by own, with my own opinions.